Happiness Is A Warm Gun

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Happiness Is A Warm Gun Music and lyrics by John Lennon and Paul McCartney Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This is from the "Last Night On Earth" single, and it's a must for anyone who saw the Popmart Tour. Hearing "Pop Muzik" on that CD instantly takes me back to the opening minutes of the show with Bono in his boxer robe, punching at the air. It even has a bit of "Mofo" at the end, and some crowd noise at the beginning. "Happines Is A Warm Gun" isn't too shabby either, and once again U2 proves that they can do a cover version of any song and make it their own. (It's in A minor) (feedback) 1--------------------- 2--------------<7>---- 3--------------------- 4--------------------- 5---(0)--------------- 6--------------------- (with distortion) 1---------------------------------------------------------------- 2---------------------------------------------------------------- 3---------------------------------------------------------------- 4------5h7p5-------------5h7p5----------------------------------- 5---0----------------0-------------------5/7---7---7---7\5\3p0--- 6---------------------------------------------------------------- (uses these chords with distortion and a bit of wah) Am F G 1---5---------1--------3--- 2---5---------1--------3--- 3---5---------2--------4--- 4---7---------3--------5--- 5-------------------------- 6-------------------------- Am F G Happiness is a warm gun (this has a "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me" kind of whammy octave sound) 1----------------------------------------------------------------- 2-------10--------------10-----------------8------------------8--- 3----------------------------------------------------------------- 4---7----------7-----------------5-------------------5------------ 5----------------------------------------------------------------- 6----------------------------------------------------------------- She's not a girl who misses much (with slight delay) 1---5---3---2---1-- 2--------------------- 3--------------------- 4--------------------- 5--------------------- 6--------------------- Doo doo doo yeah She's not a girl who misses much Doo doo doo yeah 1---------------------- 2---5/10-----10/12/13-- 3---------------------- 4---------------------- 5---------------------- 6---------------------- Mother superior jump the gun Happiness is a warm gun She's well equated with protection Of the velvet hand like a lizard on a window pane Man in the crowd with the multi-colored mirrors on his half-nail boots A lion, eyes wide open, his hands are busy workin' overtime A soap impression of his wife Which he ate and donated to the national trust Hey, I need a fix 'cos I'm goin' down Happiness is a warm gun (fuzzbox solo) 1-------------------------------------------------------- 2-------------------------------------------------------- 3-------------------------------------------------------- 4-------------5------------------------------------------ 5---5/7---------------5b7r---3-----------------3-----5--- 6------------------------------------------5------------- I need a fix 'cos I'm goin' down I need a fix 'cos I'm goin' down to the mist that I live uptown I need a fix 'cos I'm goin' down Happiness is a warm gun (add this to the Am-F-G riff) 1--------- 2--------- 3--------- 4--------- 5---2b3--- 6--------- Don't forget to check out the September issue of Guitar World with a huge article on Edge's "POP" sound and the Popmart tour. --Brandon Leniart

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