Endless Deep

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ENDLESS DEEP ------------ U2 The B-side to Two hearts beat as one I believe and featured on the Best Of U2 1980-90 limited edition. Normal tune in C#m Opening chord: Acoustic guitar: e--0-- B--5-- G--6-- D--6-- A--4-- E--X-- piano for guitar: e--12-12-11-11-------9-- B--------------12-12--- bass: D-------------------- A----7--9------------ E--9--------7-7-9-9-- bass: "where do we go from here..." D----------------|---------------|-----------------| A----------------|-9-9--9-9--7-9-|-9-9--9-9--11-12-| E--5-5--5-5--4-5-|---------------|-----------------| bass: end D-----------------------| A-----------------------| E--9-9--9-9--9-9--9-9-9-| jules. [email protected]

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