Do You Feel Loved

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Do You Feel Loved? Music by U2 Lyrics by Bono and The Edge Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This song is in D minor (this is my own personal opinion, but I think this might be Bono's reaction song to how his fans idolize him, and he's using sarcasm in some places to make his point. Just an opinion, write me if you have other theories) guitar 1 (clean with delay) 1------------------------------------------------- 2--------1---------1--3--3---------1-------1------ 3---2---------2----------------2-------2-------2-- 4------------------------------------------------- 5------------------------------------------------- 6------------------------------------------------- guitar 2 1------------------ 2------------------ 3------------------ 4---3---5---3---0-- 5------------------ 6------------------ Distorted riff: (I hit the open 4th string, then mute it with my finger at the 5th harmonic to get the electronic sound) 1---------------------------------------------- 2---------------------------------------------- 3---------------------------------------------- 4---0-(<5>)--0-(<5>)--0-(<5>)------------------ 5-------------------------------5h0---3h0---0-- 6---------------------------------------------- Take these hands, they're good for nothing You know these hands have never worked a day Take these boots, they don't want to stray You got my head filled with songs You got my shoelaces undone Take my shirt, go on take it off me pre-chorus: 1---------------------- 2---3/8---8/10---10\6-- 3---------------------- 4---------------------- 5---------------------- 6---------------------- You can tear it up if you can tie me down Chorus: 1-------------------------------------------------- 2---6--6--5--6--6--5--6--6--5--6/8\6--5--6--5------ 3----------------------------------------------7--- 4-------------------------------------------------- 5-------------------------------------------------- 6-------------------------------------------------- Do you feel loved? Take the colours of my imagination Take the scent hanging in the air Take this tangle of a conversation and turn it into your own prayer With my fingers as you want them With my nails under your hide With my teeth at your back And my tongue to tell you the sweetest lies Do you feel loved? Do you feel loved? And it looks like the sun, but it feels like rain 1---13---12---10------- 2------------------13-- 3---------------------- 4---------------------- 5---------------------- 6---------------------- (vibrate D note slightly several times during 3rd verse): 1--------- 2-----3--- 3--------- 4--------- 5--------- 6--------- Love's a bully pushing and shoving in the belly of a woman Heavy rhythm taking over to stick together a man and a woman Man and woman stick together 1------------------- 2---3/6--6/8--8/10-- 3------------------- 4------------------- 5------------------- 6------------------- Do you feel loved? Do you feel loved? And it looks like the sun, but it feels like rain And there's heat in the sun to see us through the rain 1---------------------------------- 2---------------------------------- 3---7---5---7---4---5---4---------- 4---------------------------7---5-- 5---------------------------------- 6---------------------------------- -- Do You Feel Loved from:[email protected] This seems to be a simple power chord progression: D F G F D G------------------------------------------------------------ D---7-/-10-10-10--12---- 12-\-10--10-10----7-------------------------------- A---5-/-8---8--8----10-----10-\--8---8---8-----5-------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------

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