Deep In The Heart

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Deep In The Heart Music by U2 Lyrics by Bono Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This is the 2nd song off the Still Haven't Found single, and is about one of Bono's first experiences with a girl. The main part is repeated throughout the song during the verse. The the song and solo are in Am. Intro (with distortion) 1)---1/3- 2)---1/3- 3)------- 4)------- 5)------- 6)------- Main riff (clean with medium delay, echo repeats in parenthesis) 1)------10---10------10---10------15---------------- 2)---10---10------10---10---(10)-----15--(15)--(15)- 3)-------------------------------------------------- 4)-------------------------------------------------- 5)-------------------------------------------------- 6)-------------------------------------------------- 1)------10----10------10----10--------10--- 2)---10----10------10----10-----10--8----8- 3)----------------------------------------- 4)----------------------------------------- 5)----------------------------------------- 6)----------------------------------------- The solo is not hard, just hit notes in the key of Am (no sharps or flats). Stick with the 1st 2 strings, in between the 10th and 15th fret, with one jump to high C on the 1st string. I'll send the complete solo when I get the rest of my U2 CD's back from home.

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