Dancing Barefoot

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Dancing Barefoot tabbed by john couillard [email protected] ok tunes down 1/2 a step INTRO and VERSE: Em, D, Em, A -0--2--0---0- listen for strumming pattern -0--3--0---2- -0--2--0---2- -2--0--2---2- -2--0--2---0- ------------- CHORUS: distortion(i prefer barred chords for this) G A C5 D5 Em A C5 D5 -3----5--------------0----5----------- listen for timing -3----5----5----7----0----5----5----7- -4----6----5----7----0----6----5----7- -5----7----5----7----2----7----5----7- -5----7----3----5----2----7----3----5- -3----5-------------------5----------- then PART C: sustain, distortion E---------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------- G--9----11-----12/19----9----11----12---11\12/11--7/9 D---------------------------------------------------- then back to VERSE then back to CHORUS then back to PART C then VERSE (listen for fill G--7h9p7/9--) then PART C(but changed a bit) (listen closely for the slow hammering on this time) B--------------------------------------------------- G--9---11----12/19----9---11---12---11-----9---11--- B--------------------------------------------------- G-9h11/12--11h12/19-19--9--11---12----11------------ then CHORUS then SOLO: E-------------------------------------------------------- B-------10-10(b)-10~~~----------10-10(b)-10~~~----------- G--9-12--------------------9-12-----------------9---9---- D-----------------------12--------------------12--12--12- A-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- (after every 12 put alittle vibrato on it here on string B) E----------------------------------------------------------- B--12~-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12--12-10----------------- G------------------------------------------12-11-9---------- 2x D--------------------------------------------------12/14-14~ A----------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------- then E----------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------- G---------9--------------------------9---------------------- D-12p11p9-----11-12-11-9-----12p11p9---11-12-11-9----------- A------------------------12-----------------------12(b)----- E----------------------------------------------------12-10-- E-------------------- B-------------------- G----9-9\7--7--------. play 4 times D----9-9\7--7--2--7--. A----7-7\5--5--2--7-- E--0-----------0--5-- then G-9-9-9-9-12(b).4x then G-9-12-9-12-9-12(b)-9---9---9---. 2x D--------------. D--------------------12--12---12. then E-------------------------- B-------------------------- repeat many times and thats it G----9-9\7-7--------------- D----9-9\7-7--2------------ A----7-7\5-5--2--2--------- E--0----------0--3(b)~~---- ok guys there ya go hope u like it ..sounds just like it when i play it.:o) john "Dancing Barefoot" ---------------- [By Patti Smith and Ivan Kral] chords by: John S. Jacob, [email protected] Tune down one-half step (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) Note: "Ramirez Caceres Claudio" points out that it sounds better replacing the second D with an A through out the song. like-- Em D Em A Em D Em A and so on. [Intro] Em D Em D Em D Em D [Verse] Em D Em D She is benediction Em D Em D She is addicted to he Em D Em D She is the root connection and Em D Em D She is connecting with me Em D Em D Em Here I go and I don't know why D Em D Em I spin so ceaselessly D Em D Em D Em D Could it be he's taking over me [Chorus] G A I'm dancing barefoot C D Headed for a spin Em A Some strange music drags me in C D Em D Em D Em D Em D Makes me come up like some heroine She is sublimation She is the essence of thee She is concentrating on He who is chosen by she Here I go when I don't know why I spin so ceaselessly Could it be he's taking over me I'm dancing barefoot Headed for a spin Some strange strange music drags me in Makes me come up like some heroine She is recreation She intoxicated by thee She has the slow sensation that He is levitating with she Here I go when I don't know why I spin so ceaselessly 'Til I lose my sense of gravity I'm dancing barefoot Heading for a spin Some strange music drives me on Makes me come up like some heroine [Guitar solo: Em D...] [Outro] Em D Em D Em O God I feel for you D Em D Em O God I feel for you D Em D Em O God I feel for you D Em D O God I feel for you Dancing Barefoot Transcribed by Richard Zangoli. These are just some extra guitar parts in addition to the chords already on the archive transcribed by J Jacob. Tune down half a step. This is the main riff that is played, at first after, and then later during the chorus. E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------15------------------------------------------------- G----9--9---11--11--12---------9--9--11--11---12--12---11--12--11---7--9---- D--------------------------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- The solo; I don't know if it's 100% but it I think it's OK and should give you something to work with (the two bends are also to be released)- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------------------------- G----------------------12---14---14b--------------------------12----14--14b- D----------14----------------------------------14--------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-7--9--7--9--9--9s/16--16--16--16--16--16--16--16-16--------16--14--12--11- D--------------------------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------- B----------------------- G---9--7h--9--9--9--9- play this last bit twice and then play- D----------------------- A----------------------- E------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------------- G-----9p7---------------9------------------9---7--6---4----2---- D----------------9------9----------9-----------------------0---- A-----------------------7----------------------------------0---- E--------------------------------------------------------------- Play this twice but without the open strings the second time. Edge then plays the verse chords with heavy distortion while another guitar plays these notes along with them- D--------------------------------------------- A-------------------5-------------------------- and finally Edge plays E-------0-----------------------0----------5---- right at the end something like E---------------------3--3------------------0--3--3------------------------- B----s/5---s/5---5--------------s/5--s/5-------------------s/5--s/5--5--5--- G--------------------------------------------------------------------------- etc E------------------3-----------3--------3----------3--------------3--3---------- B---s/5--s/5--5--5--------5---------5----------5--------5---5-------------5--3-5 G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Richard Zangoli ([email protected])

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