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"Bad" (Live Version) by U2. tabbed by Matt Stewart Okay, here is a complete full tab for this incredible song. It's bits and pieces of what everyone else has contributed, but all together in one format. *NOTE: Tune down the guitar a 1/2 step. Use a 0.4 second delay with 2-3 repeats (turn delay volume up all the way), some chorus, a little gain (make sure it sounds clean). Okay, there are three main riffs to this song. It's a really simple song when you break it down; getting the right sound is the hardest part. OPENING RIFF ------------ The opening riff is played throughout most of the song - during the verse mostly. The key to playing it is muting the strings while letting the high notes ring. In the tab below, the parentheses - ( ) - surrounding the notes indicates that you mute those strings (i.e., keep your fingers on the frets indicated but do not push strings down onto fret board). Also note that when you play the "ringing notes" (i.e., as indicated below, the 12th fret on the high E and the 10th fret on the B string, only play them once, and let the delay pedal play the second note that you hear.... I say that because I had a bad habit of striking those strings twice). e-----------------------------12-------------------------------12--- b------------------------------------------------------------------- g------------------------------------------------------------------- d--(12)--(12)-(12)-(11)-(11)-------(12)--(12)-(12)-(11)-(11)-------- a--(12)--(12)-(12)-(12)-(12)-------(12)--(12)-(12)-(12)-(12)-------- e------------------------------------------------------------------- e------------------------------------------------------------------- b-----------------------10------------------------10-----10--------- g-(9)--(9)-(9)-(7)-(7)------(9)--(9)-(9)-(7)--7-------7------7------ d-(7)--(7)-(7)-(7)-(7)------(7)--(7)-(7)-(7)-(7)-------------------- a------------------------------------------------------------------- e------------------------------------------------------------------- That's opening riff, repeat it over and over. BRIDGE RIFF ----------- The bridge riff is pretty basic; it is like playing A and Asus4 chords apperegio. Anyway, this part of the tab enters the song usually when Bono begins to sing "Woo hoo, woo hoo, woooo hoooo.... Let it go..." It also is played when Bono sings "Colors clash, collide in bloodshot eyes...If I could you know I would..." e---0---0---0---0---0----------------------0------------------- b-2---2---2---2---2---2---3---3---3---3-------3---3------------ g-----------------------2---2---2---2---2-------2-------------- d-------------------------------------------------------------- a-------------------------------------------------------------- e-------------------------------------------------------------- SOLO ---- The solo is pretty basic as well. Edge many times will improvise on this part, so I am not too technical with the tab, but the main riff is here: e----12----12----12----12----12----12----12----12----12----12---- b-14----14----14----14----14----14----14----14----14----14----14- g---------------------------------------------------------------- e----10----10----10----10----10----10----10----10----10----10---- b-10----10----10----10----10----10----10----10----10----10----10- g---------------------------------------------------------------- Well, that's the tab to the song. Only 3 riffs. I highly suggest listenting to the song and play along with it to get your timing down. Good luck, and Enjoy. Send questions or comments to [email protected] -matt --------------------------- Bad by U2 Tabbed by [email protected] Use delay and tune down 1/2 step for all live versions. I've heard about ten verions of this song and they're all different. I've tried to give as much of the improvisations, solos and fills as I remember. synth riff: A E-------------17-------------------- B-14-17-17-14----14-17-14----------- 2x G----------------------------------- D E-------------17-------------------- B-15-17-17-15----15-17-15----------- 2x G----------------------------------- main riff: Asus4 A Asus4 A E-------------12-12-------------12-12---------- B---------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------------- D-12-12-12-11-------12-12-12-11---------------- A--0--0--0--0--------0--0--0--0---------------- E---------------------------------------------- Dsus2 D Dsus2 D E---------------------------------------------------- B----------10-10-----------------10---10------------- G-9-9-9-7------------9-9-9-9-7-----7----7------------ D-0-0-0-0------------0-0-0-0-0----------------------- A---------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------- Edge sometimes uses these fills when playing live: E---------------------------------- B------------10p7---7h10----------- G---9-9-9-7------------------------ D---0-0-0-0------------------------ A---------------------------------- E---------------------------------- Chorus: A D E-------------------------5---5---5---5-5----- B---5---5---5---5-5-----------------------5--- G-6---6---6---6-----6-7-7---7---7---7-------7- Live outro jam: A E-------12----12----12---12-12----12----12----12-- B----14----14----14----14------14----14----14----- G------------------------------------------------- D E---------------------------------------------------- B-12-14-15-15----15----15----15-15----15----15----15- G-------------14----14----14-------14----14----14---- D---------------------------------------------------- Live Aid improvisations: E-------12----12----14-14p12--12----12----14-14p12---------- B----14----14----14--------------14----14----------14-14---- G----------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------12-12-------------12-12------- B-12-14-15-15----15----------15-15----15----------15- G-------------14----14-------------14----------14---- D---------------------------------------------------- Edge sometimes played this solo during the Zoo Tv tour (unless you've heard this, you probably won't be able to make heads or tails out of it) E-12-9--9h10p9------------------------------------------ B--------------12-10-7-7--7-7-7p5-3-2h3p2--------------- G------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Here is my suggestion about the live outro jam version : from: Thomas SCHULTZ -12------12------12------12------12---------10------10------10------10------10------- ----14------14------14------14------14-12------10------10------10------10------10-12- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------0-------0-------0-------0-------0---------- 0-------0-------0-------0-------0---------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Delay setting : 435 ms ( based on the "Wide Awake in America" version ) Tuning : 1/2 step down From: [email protected] (Peter Palmer) Subject: TAB: Bad (U2) - for one guitar Bad by U2 from the album Unforgettable Fire I play this song differently from the great two guitar version in the archive (tabbed by Scott Yanoff, [email protected]). So, here it is for one guitar: Asus4 A Asus4 A -------------12-12-------------12-12---------- note: set your delay so ---------------------------------------------- you just play ---------------------------------------------- eighth notes, letting the -12-12-12-11-------12-12-12-11---------------- delay fill in the sixteenths. --0--0--0--0--------0--0--0--0---------------- ---------------------------------------------- Dsus2 D Dsus2 D E-------------------------------------------------- B----------10-10-----------------10-10------------- G-9-9-9-7------------9-9-9-9-7--------------------- D-0-0-0-0------------0-0-0-0-0--------------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- The intro Ds to each verse have this small difference: Dsus2 D Dsus2 D E---------------------------------------------------- B----------10-10-----------------10---10------------- G-9-9-9-7------------9-9-9-9-7-----7----7------------ D-0-0-0-0------------0-0-0-0-0----------------------- A---------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------- Live Aid and Wide Awake in America lick at the ending jam: Asus4 A Asus4 A E----9--12--9-12--9--12--9-12-------9-9--- B----------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------- > Dsus2 D Dsus2 D E----9--10--9-10--9--10--9-10------9------ B----------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------- Chords (c/o Scott Yanoff): If you twist and turn away. Asus4 A Asus4 A Dsus2 D Dsus2 D If you tear yourself in two again. Asus4 A Asus4 A Dsus2 D Dsus2 D If I could, yes I would Asus4 A Asus4 A If I could, I would let it go. Dsus2 D Dsus2 D Surren - der, dislocate. Asus4 A Asus4 A Dsus2 D Dsus2 D Asus4 A Asus4 A Dsus2 D Dsus2 D If I could throw this lifeless ASus4 A Asus4 A Life- line to the wind. Dsus2 D Dsus2 D Leave this heart of clay, Dsus D Asus4 A See you walk, walk away, Asus4 A Dsus2 D Into the night. Dsus D Asus4 A And through the rain. Asus4 A Dsus2 D Into the half-light, Dsus D Asus4 A And through the flame. Asus4 A Dsus2 D Dsus2 D If I could throw myself, set your spirit free. I'd lead your heart away, See you break, break away Into the light. And to the day. (Here, suggested start jamming with regular A and D chords) /*Note fom Pete: I bar (barre) them on the 5th fret here*/ Hoo, hoo Hoo, hoo Hoo, hoo. A D Hoo, hoo Hoo, hoo Hoo, hoo. A D To let it go, A And so to fade away. D To let it go, A And so fade away. D I'm wide awake. A /*Note fom Pete: I play open chords here until the main riff starts again.*/ I'm wide awake. wide awake, G E (Now switch back to chords from intro) I'm not sleeping. Dsus2 Asus4 A Oh, no, no. If you should ask then maybe They tell you what I would say. True colors fly in blue and black, Bruised silken skies and burning flag. Colors crash, collide in blood shot eyes. A D (Once again, regular chords now) /*See notes above.*/ Hoo, hoo Hoo, hoo Hoo, hoo. A D If I could, you know I would. If I could, I would let it go. This desparation. Dislocation. Separation. Condemnation. Revelation. Temptation. Isolation. Desolation. Let it go, And so to fade away. To let it go, And so fade away. Oh, no I'm wide awake. I'm wide awake. I'm not sleeping. Oh, no no BTW, the versions on Live Aid and Wide Awake In America are moved down a 1/2 step. I find that most of their live stuff is Tuned down like that. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Pete Palmer [email protected] %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Here's my tab for the Live version of "Bad" by U2. tabbed by m. stewart, [email protected] The tab is really easy, there are only three tab fomations to play. Use a digital delay of about 0.4 seconds when playing the song. INTRO/VERSE e--------------------12-12-----------------------12-12- b------------------------------------------------------ g------------------------------------------------------ d--12---12-12--11-11-----------12---12-12--11-11------- a--0----0--0---0--0------------0----0--0---0--0-------- e------------------------------------------------------ e------------------------------------------------------ b-----------------10-10-------------------10---10------ g--9---9-9--7-7-----------9---9-9--7----7----7----7---- d--0---0-0--0-0-----------0---0-0--0------------------- a------------------------------------------------------ e------------------------------------------------------ Repeat the INTRO/VERSE tab until the bridge. Bridge begins when Bono begins to sing "...hoo hoo, hoo hoo ....." BRIDGE: e------0-----0----0----0---0--0---------------------------0------- b----2----2----2----2----2--2------3----3----3----3--------3---3-- g--2--------------------------------2----2----2----2----2------2-- d----------------------------------------------------------------- a----------------------------------------------------------------- e----------------------------------------------------------------- Repeat the bridge until Bono sings "..I'm not sleepin'..." ENDING JAM: e-9-12--9-12--9-12--9-12--9-12--9-12.........9-10--9-10--9-10--9-10.. b-------------------------------------------------------------------- g-------------------------------------------------------------------- d-------------------------------------------------------------------- a-------------------------------------------------------------------- e-------------------------------------------------------------------- That's the whole song, at least the way that I play it. The tab formations go like this thru the song: 1. INTRO/VERSE 2. BRIDGE 3. VERSE 4. BRIDGE 5. ENDING JAM 6. VERSE *************************** *Bad--My favorite song, it's in A, and it's actually 2 guitars together. I'll write a VERY simplified version of it for just 1. 1---------12-12 1------------------------ 2-------------- 2---------10-10---10---10 3---7-7-6------ 3---9-9-9--------9---9--- 4---7-7-7------ (repeat) 4---0-0-0---------------- 5---0-0-0------ 5---0-0-0---------------- 6-------------- 6------------------------ Leniart, Brandon K [email protected]

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