Walk On

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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- U2 - WALK ON (4.55) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Track 03 of 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' Release Date: October 30th, 2000 Tab made by Michele Rossi with his acoustic guitar 'Washburn D-10 N' and Notepad. CONTACT ME AT: E-mail and MSN Messenger: [email protected] ICQ: 85686343 [RedBaron] Don't miss to surf daily: >>> www.u2station.com <<< ----------------------------------------------------- WHAT I THINK ABOUT IT... This song virtually gives the name to the album. The mystery is solved: all that U2 can't leave behind is LOVE, in addition to their old-new style ;-). Wonderful song. Great melody and old U2 noises. It's ready to became a classic. That's right! ------------- Chords used ------------- Dm x57765 [easier: xx0231] Csus2 x35533 [easier: x30033] G 355433 [easier: 320033] Dsus2 x02230 Em7 022033 E 022100 Em x79987 [easier: 022000] Bm x24432 A x02220 ----------------------------------------------------- Dm Csus2 And love Csus2 G It's not the easy thing G The only baggage G Csus2 That you can bring Dm Love Csus2 It's not the easy thing Csus2 G The only baggage you can bring Is all that you can't leave behind D Dsus2 G Em7 D Dsus2 G E D Dsus2 G Em7 And if the darkness is to keep us apart D Dsus2 G Em7 And if the daylight feels like it's a long way off D Dsus2 G And if your glass heart should crack Em7 D And for the second you turn back Dsus2 E Oh no, be strong E E Oooooh Oooooh D Walk on Dsus2 Walk on G What you got, they can't steal it Em7 No they can't even feel it D Walk on Dsus2 Walk on G E Stay safe tonight D Dsus2 G You're packing a suitcase for a place Em7 None of us has been D Dsus2 G A place that has to be believed Em7 To be seen D Dsus2 You could have flown away G A singing bird Em7 In an open cage D Who will only fly Dsus2 E Only fly for freedom E E Oooooh Oooooh D Walk on Dsus2 Walk on G What you got They can't deny it Em7 Can't sell it or buy it D Walk on Dsus2 Walk on G E You stay safe tonight D And I know it aches Dsus2 How your heart it breaks E You can only take so much Bm Em G A Walk on Bm Em G A Walk on A A A A D Dsus2 Home G Hard to know what it is Em7 If you've never had one D Dsus2 Home G I can't say where it is Em7 But I know I'm going D Dsus2 Home G E That's where the hurt is D And I know it aches Dsus2 How your heart it breaks E You can only take so much Em7 G D Dsus2 Walk on Em7 G Leave it behind D Dsus2 You've got to leave it behind Em7 All that you fashion G All that you make D All that you build Dsus2 All that you break Em7 All that you measure G All that you feel D Dsus2 All this you can leave behind Em7 All that you reason G It's only time (All that you sense) D Dsus2 Love'll never fill up all my mind Em7 All that you sense G All that you scheme D All you dress up Dsus2 And all that you see Em7 All you create G All that you wreck D All that you hate... ----------------------------------------------------- U2 dedicate this song to AUNG SAN SUU KYI, under virtual house arrest in Burma since 1989, and they would like you to remember her. U2 thank David A Stewart for early inspiration on the song. Music: U2 Lyrics: Bono Produced by: Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno Engineered by: Richard Rainey Assisted by: Chris Heaney Additional production by: Steve Lillywhite Mixed by: Steve Lillywhite Additional engineering: Stephen Harris Assisted by: Alvin Sweeney -----------------------------------------------------

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