Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad

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Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad -------------------------------------- tabbed by: [email protected] First tune your guitar down half a step to Eb Ab Db F# Bb Eb And here are the chords, some of which I don't have names for...I'm actually doing this while the song plays in the background. F#m 244222 F#m/E 044222 F# 244322 D X57775 Bm X24432 Bm/Bb X14432 Bm/A X04432 Bm/Ab 4X4432 G 3X0033 C# X46664 Em 022000 Intro Bm Bm Em C# Verse 1 F#m F#m/E Two shots of happy, one shot of sad D Bm You think I'm no good, well I know I've been bad F#m C# Took you to a place, now you can't get back D Bm F#m Two shots of happy, one shot of sad Prechorus Bm Bm/Bb Walked together down a dead end street Bm/A Bm/Ab We were mixing the bitter with the sweet G Bm Don't try to figure out what we might have had F# Bm Just two shots of happy, one shot of sad Chorus Em I'm just a singer, some say a sinner Bm Bm/Bb Bm/A Bm/Ab Rolling the dice, not always a winner Em You say I've been lucky, well, hell, I made my own G C# Not part of the crowd, but not feeling alone (Same as first verse) Under pressure, not bent out of shape Surrounded we always found an escape Drove me to drink, but hey, that's not all bad Two shots of happy one shot of sad (Same as Prechorus) Guess I've been greedy, all of my life Greedy with my children, my lover's, my wife Greedy for the good things as well as the bad Two shots of happy, one shot of sad Middle( same as Prechorus) (Same as chorus) Maybe it's just talk, saloon singing The chairs are all stacked, the swingers start swinging You say I hurt you, you put the finger on yourself Then after you did it you came cryin for my help (same as verse) Two shots of happy, one shot of sad I'm not complaining, Baby, I'm glad You call it compromise, well what's that. Two Shots of happy, one shot of sad D C# Bm Two shots of happy, one shot.............of sad

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