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NUMB ---- U2 Here's the chord voicings for Numb. Mute the A string when playing the G chord by resting you index finger across it (which is on the big E string) mute the 3 high E, B and G strings throughout. Move your index finger up to the D string to play the C chord. Play each chord and damp it suddenly to get the right sound - you'll also need distorsion, flanger and phaser for the guitar effects. G C Em E-----------------------------------|------------------------- B-----------------------------------|------------------------- G-----------------------------------|------------------------- D---5--5---x-x---5--5---5-----5--5--|--9---------------------- A---X--X---x-x---X--X---3-----3--3--|--7---------------------- E---3--3---x-x---3--3---------------|--0---------------------- That's about it actually, a very minimalist song... jules. [email protected] NUMB chords by: Bob Paley G Don't move, don't talk out of time, don't think, C Don't worry everything's just fine, just fine G Don't grab, don't clutch, don't hope for too much C Don't breathe, don't achieve, don't grieve without leave Em Don't check just balance on the fence C Don't answer, don't ask, don't try and make sense Don't whisper, don't talk, don't run if you can walk Don't cheat, compete, don't miss the one beat Don't travel by train, don't eat, don't spill Don't piss in the drain, don't make a will Don't fill out any forms, don't compensate Don't cower, don't crawl, don't come around late Don't hover at the gate Em Don't take it on board Don't fall on your sword C (FAT LADY - Backing Vocal) Just play another chord G If you feel you're getting bored I feel numb C I feel numb G Too much is not enough Don't change your brand Gimme some more Don't listen to the band Gimme some more Don't gape Of that stuff love Don't ape Too much is not enough C Don't change your shape, have another grape [Keyboard solo: D-C-D-C-Em-C] Don't plead Too much is not enough Don't bridle I feel numb Don't shackle I feel numb Don't grind Gimme what you got Don't curve Gimme what I don't get Don't swerve Gimme what you got Don't lie, die, serve Too much is not enough I feel numb Don't theorize, realise, polarise, Chance, dance, dismiss, apologise I feel numb Don't spy Gimme some more Don't lie Gimme some more Don't try Of that stuff love Imply Gimme some more Detain Too much is not enough Explain Start again I feel numb Don't triumph, don't coax, don't cling, don't hoax Don't freak, peak, don't leak, don't speak I feel numb Don't project I feel numb Don't connect, protect, don't expect Suggest I feel numb Don't project, don't connect Protect, don't expect, suggest I feel numb Don't struggle I feel numb Don't jerk, don't collar, don't work Don't wish, don't fish, don't teach, don't reach I feel numb Don't borrow, don't break, don't fence Don't steal, don't pass, don't press Don't try, don't feel I feel numb Don't touch, don't dive, don't suffer Don't rhyme, don't fantasize, don't rise Don't lie I feel numb Don't project, don't connect Protect, don't expect, suggest I feel numb Don't project, don't connect Protect, don't expect, suggest I feel numb

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