North And South Of The River

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North and South of the River: as performed by U2 on the Staring at the Sun single in Eb D I want to reach out over the ???? (need help with some of the words) D feel you hands across the water. GD Walk with you along an unapproved road, D not looking over my shoulder. GD I want to see and I want to hear, Bm to understand your fears. D G D But we're north and south of the river. G D I've been doing it wrong all of my life, D this holy town has turned me over. G D You've been running from what you didn't understand, D and the wind from the ???? just gets colder and colder. GD There was a madness that had it's way, Bm love was lost, love will have it's day. GD G D North and south of the river, G D north and south of the river. D e------10----7----5---- b------------------------- G e------12----7----5---- b------------------------- D e------10----7----5 b-------------------- G e------3----3----3-----5 b------------------------- D e-------10----7-----5 b---------------------- G e------12----7----5 b-------------------- D e------10----7----5 b-------------------- G e------3----3----3-- b--------------------- D Can we stop playing this ???? ????, D Darling I don't have the answer. GD I want to meet you where you are, D I don't need you to surrender. GD There's no feeling that's so alone, Bm as when the one you're hurting is you're own.' GD G D North and south of the river, G D north and south of the river. (repeat solo) D Somehow ground is not worth taking, D Some connections are not worth making. D ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????, D Some songs are not worth bringing. Transcribed by Pat Bigley ([email protected])

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