No Line On The Horizon

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[lines:Intro: {E}{E}{E}{E} {G#m}{G#m}{E}{E} Verse 1: {E}I know a girl, {E}who's like the sea, {E}I watch her changing {E}every day for me. {G#m}Oh yeah, {G#m}oh-oh oh-oh {E}oh-oh {E}oh-oh-oh. {E}One day she's still, {E}the next she swells, {E}you can hear the universe in {E}her sea shells. {G#m}Oh yeah, {G#m}oh-oh oh-oh {E}oh-oh {E}oh-oh-oh. Chorus 1: {C}No, no line on the {A}horizon, {E}no, no line.{E} Verse 2: {E}I know a girl, {E}with a hole in her heart, {E}she said infinity's a {E}great place to start. {G#m}{G#m}oh-oh oh-oh {E}oh-oh {E}oh-oh-oh. {E}Time is irrelevant, {E}it's not linear, {E}then she put her tongue {E}in my ear. {G#m}Oh-oh-oh-oh, {G#m}oh-oh oh-oh {E}oh-oh {E}oh-oh-oh. Chorus 2: {C}No, no line on the {A}horizon, {E}no, no line.{E} {C}No, no line on the {A}horizon, {E}no, no line.{E} Fill: {-E}{-E}{-A}{-A} {-E}{-E}{-A}{-A} Middle Eight: The {F#m}songs in your head are {F#m}now on my mind, you {B}put me on pause, I'm trying {B}to rewind {G}{D}{C#}and replay, {B}hey, hey.{B} Verse 3: {-E}Every night I, {-E}have the same dream, {-E}I'm hatching some plot, {-E}scheming some scheme. {-G#m}Oh yeah, {-G#m}oh-oh oh-oh {-E}oh-oh {-E}oh-oh-oh. {-E}I'm a traffic cop, {-E}rue du Marais, {-E}the siren's wailing but it's {-E}me that wants to get {-G#m}away, {-G#m}oh-oh oh-oh {-E}oh-oh {-E}oh-oh-oh-oh. Chorus 3: {-C}No, line on the {-A}horizon, {-E}no, no line.{-E} {-C}No, no line on the {-A}horizon, {-E}no, no line.{-E} Outro: {-E}{-E}{-E}{-E} {G#@001114}{G#@001114}{-E}{-E} {-E}]

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