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U2 - Always B-Side of the single "Beautiful Day" Release Date: October 9th, 2000 Tabbed by Michele Rossi < [email protected] > < ICQ: 85686343 > U2 are back! The real authentic old U2! Yahoooo!! This song is very cool, and calls to mind "With Or Without You" (the bass is the same, what a feeling!) and, oh-oh, also the same "Beautiful Day", but in the right way. The melody is direct and schizofrenic as the early songs. So you'll never be tired of it. Enjoy the tab for acoustic guitar. ------------ Chords used: ------------ D xx0232 D/E xx2232 Bm x24432 F 133211 G 320033 A x02220 G7+ 320032 Cadd9 x32030 You don't need a capo (yeah!). And use a hard pick! --------------------------------------------------- D D/E Here today Bm G And gone tomorrow D D/E Bm G Crack the bone, get to the marrow D D/E To be the bee Bm G And the flower D D/E Bm G Before the sweetness turns to sour A Bm D G D A What we have we're gonna keep... Always A Bm D G D A What we've lost we don't need... Always A Bm D G D A What is it that won't let you sleep... Always D Cadd9 D D D/E Be the arrow Bm G And the target D D/E Bm G Put your head over the parapet D D/E Be uncool Bm G Yes, be awkward D D/E And don't look in the obvious place Bm G The soul needs beautiful a soul mate A Bm D G D A Get down off your holy cloud... Always A Bm D G D A God will not deal with the proud... Always A Bm D G D A Well if you dream then dream out loud... Always A Bm D G D A Eternally yours... Always F G I want you F I want you G I want you Bm G7+ Touching the other side D I wanted to be in love D/E A I wanted to come A Bm D G D A You say come to know yourself... Always A Bm D G D A Don't find yourself in someone else... Always A Bm D G D A And always wear a safety belt... Always A Bm D G D A Wait for me I'm running late... Always A Bm D G D A This is the moment that we share...For always A Bm D G D A Turn each song into a prayer...Always A Bm D G Now and forever D A For always D A For always D A For always D A For always...

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