Room At The Heartbreak Hotel, A

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"A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel" ------------------------------ (Organ -> Slide guitar -> drums -> electric guitar) (Note: Organ plays: D->G G->D, Slide guitar slides high on 2nd string) Capo on 3rd fret! D From where I stand G I can see through you D And well ya said pretty woman G "I know it got to you" D I see the stars in your eyes G I want the truth but you want the lies D I dream you come, I run to you G D G You gave your life for rock 'n roll a-ha D G Stay, we're on the dark side of love D You've got everything you wanted G Bbut what you needed you gave away D For primitive love G And we're riding the mystery train D G For primitive love Bb A room at the heart G Hearbreak hotel D A room at the heartbreak G Heartbreak hotel D A room at the heartbreak G Heartbreak hotel (Rest of song continues as above) You say it's love, it's not the money You let them suck your life out like honey Full of tricks You're on the street Selling your kisses so very sweet (I'm back. And I'm gonna make it I'm gonna make it Oh the prize is to hold you back) A primitive love And we're riding the mystery train A primitive love A room at the heart Heartbreak hotel. (Guitar fills, etc.)

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