Where Did It All Go Wrong

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Where did it all go wrong- Bass Tab From [email protected] or [email protected] I did this from memory, so it might be crude. If there is any mistakes, please correct them. Intro bass riff A |-5^7--55--44--22-| Verse One - Play (2x) A |-----------|-5555-5555-|-777-5-777-|-5-777-5-777-| E |-5555-5555-|-----------|-----------|-------------| Chorus A |-555-------5-|-7777-7777-|-555-------5-|-7775-7775-| E |------5555---|-----------|------5555---|-----------| A |-555-------5-|-7777-7777-|-0000-0000-|-5-777-55-777-| E |-------555---|-----------|-----------|--------------| A |-5-777-55-777-|-5-777-55-777-|-5-777-55-777-|-5-777-5754--| E |--------------|--------------|--------------|-----------7-| Then Play Verse Again (2x) Then Play Chorus Again Play this after the 2nd Chorus Ah....... A |-000-00-0000-|-777-77-7777-| (Play this once) A |-000-00-0000-|-777-77-757--| (Play this 3x) Then play this in the interlude. A |-555\\\\\\\\\-| Slide Down to Open A (Play this 4x) Then play A |-7777-7777-|-7777-7777-| G |-99-77---------|-99-77----------| D |---------99-77-|----------99----| A |---------------|-------------77-| Then play the verse again (2x) Then Play the chorus Then play the outro A |-0000-00-000-|-5777-55-7775-|-0000-00-000-|-5-777-57775-| (Play 3x) A |-000-00-000--|-5777-55-7775-| A |-12-12-12--12-12--12-12-12-|-19-19-19--19-19--19-19-15-| Then Play this A |-0000-0000-|-5-777-////////19-| Slide up to 19th fret-(Repeat this and fade) Enjoy

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