Wake Up Dead Man

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U2 "wake up dead man" - BASS TAB ----------------------------- Tune down 1/2 step: Eb Ab Db Gb Bass dosn't come in until the second verse |---------------------------| |---------------------------| This sequence is repeated once |-----10h12----12-10-12-----| |--10-------------------10--| Than a slight variation is played when bono sings "but maybe your hands......." |--------------------------| This pattern is |--------------------------| repeated for the |----10-12-10----10-12-10--| first verse only |-10----------10-----------| Chorus: |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------| |-12-------12h14-12-------12h14-| |----12-14----------12-14-------| "wake up,..." |--------------------------------| |----------------12-------12h14--| |-10-10-12-12-14----12-14--------| |--------------------------------| "dead man" For the second verse the line changes to fill in the space so there are no large rest as ther was in the first verse This pattern just continues throughout the verses for the rest of the song. |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------| |-12-------12h14-12-------12h14-| |-----12-14----------12-14------| |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------| |-10-------10h14-10-------10h14-| |----10-12----------10-12-------| |-----------------------|---------------------------| |-----------------------|---------------------------| |-8------8h10-5-----5h7-|-3-----3h5--10-------10h12-| |---8-10--------5-7-----|---3-5---------10-12-------| For the second wake up dead man of the last chorus |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------| |-12-------12h14-12-------12h14-| |----12-14----------12-14-------| |------------------------------12h14p12h14--| |----------------12-------12h14-------------| |-10-10-12-12-14----12-14-------------------| |-------------------------------------------| And the outro is just |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------| |-12-------12h14-12-------12h14-| |----12-14----------12-14-------| |--------------------------| |--------------------------| |-10-------10h12-5-----5h7-| |----10-12---------5-7-----| That's it! Tabbed by Mark Linwood Hint suggesstions or comments to ([email protected])

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