Trip Through Your Wires

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U2- Trip Through your Wires- Bass Album - Joshua Tree Main Riff: (R) mean one beat rest G|-(R)--------------------------------------------------- D|-(R)-----3--------------------------------------------- A|-(R)--5-----3------------------------------------------ E|-(R)--------------------------------------------------- Chours x 2: G|---------------------------------------------------- D|---------------------------------------------------- A|-33333333-55555555-33333333-55555555---------------- E|---------------------------------------------------- Adam Clayton does a little run at the end G|-(R)------------------------------------------------- D|-(R)-----320----------------------------------------- A|-(R)--5-----320-------------------------------------- E|-(R)------------------------------------------------- Suggestions or comments to : Tom [email protected] Trip Through Your Wires ----------------------- Steve Palmer - [email protected] tune down 1/2 step: G C F C D|--------3-------------| A|-----3-----3----------| E|--3-------------------| the bass just follows the chords through the chorus: C G You, I'm waiting for you Bb F/C You, you set my desire C G I trip through your wires In the very end, adam plays a cool riff to the main G C F C chords G C F C G D|--------3-2-0------------| A|-----3--------3-2-0------| E|--3-----------------3~---| Here is my version of Trip Through Your Wires U2 Standard Tuning D|---------5-5------3-3 A|----5-5------3-3- That's basically it.....Adam does occasionally bounce out of the riff, but I haven't figured that out yet..... I also haven't quite got that little riff Adam plays towards the end either.... Hope this is helpful. Aaron Jauch [email protected] *correction* Hi, I just thought Id correct the bass line to Trip Through Your Wires...well here it is; E----3-3------------------- A--------5-5-----3-3----- D-------------3-3---------- G--------------------------- This line just repeats itself until it hits the cool little riff, and then it goes back again. Any questions or suggestions, send them to [email protected]. Thanks,

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