Sunday Bloody Sunday

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"Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2 Bass Tab Here's a major correction on the previous tab... mostly I got this by deconstructing a MIDI file. It should be pretty accurate since I also fine-tuned it with a songbook. Tune down 1/2 step - Eb Ab Db Gb Key --- w - whole note q - quarter note e - eighth note s - sixteenth note / - slide The bridge at the beginning goes something like this... just match it with the guitar chords. G:------------------------------| D:------------------------------| A:5--5--5-7-7-7--5--5--7--7--7--| E:------------------------------| Main Riff s s s s q s s s s q s s s s q s s s s q G:---------------------------|--------------------------------| D:---------------------------|--------------------------------| A:---------------------------|--10-10-10-8-10---10-10-10-8-10-| E:-7-7-7-5-7---10-10-10-8-10-|--------------------------------| Solo (sort of) This happens three times in the song, but I usually just improvise a bit. q q q q w e e e e e e e e w G:---------------|-----|--------------9---|---| D:---------------|-----|------7/9---9---9-|---| A:-8---8---7---7-|--5--|-8-10-----7-------|-5-| E:---------------|-----|------------------|---| Tabbed by Peter Schroeder ([email protected]) Sunday Bloody Sunday Performed by U2 G|---------------------------------------------| D|---------------------4-4--------4-4----------| A|-1-1--1-4-4---4----------4-------------------| E|---------------------------------------------| That's pretty much how the whole song goes. The chorus is the normal riff played backwards. [email protected]

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