Silver And Gold

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U2 "Silver and Gold" - BASS TAB ------------------------------- steve palmer [email protected] As far as I know, this is the only bass part in the whole song: E A |------------------------| |------5-7--7------------| |-7--7--------7--7-------| |------------------5-7---| Silver & Gold U2- Rattle and Hum Adam Clayton from: Nick Wood intro G----------------------------------------------0---2-----------------| D------------------------------------2-2-------------0--2-2--------0-. A-----------------------------------------0----------------0-3--0----. 0---0---0---0---0---0...0--------------------------------------------| q w (p.m.) intro G--------------------------------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------------------------- A-------------5-5-5--3--0--0-------5--5--3---1-1--3---5--5--3---1-1--3 E----0---0------------------------------------------------------------ Improvise as you like on the main bit... Bob, Jimi, and Adam would appreciate it. Silve And Gold theres a tab on the site thats exactly the same as this but in a different arrangement and i think this one sounds better i dont know if its tuned a half step down, probably though knowing bono main riff: G----------------------- D-------5-7------------- A-7-7-------7-7--------- E-----5---------5-8-5--- slide right before bono says "silver and gold": A----5/14------ the rest is pretty easy to figure out, what little there IS left replies,love letters, chain mail, what have you to: [email protected] Here's the real thing: For the opening E------------------------------------------------- A-6---6---6---6---6---6---6---6---6---6---6---6---and on and on until... D------------------------------------------------- G------------------------------------------------- If ya wanna way out.........SILVER AND E------------6-------------------6--6--//----------6----------------6--6---- A--6---6----------------6--6-----4--4--//---6---6-------------6--6---4--4--- D--------------4-6--4------------------//------------4-6--4----------------- G--------------------------------------//----------------------------------- this is basically all you play, the ending to the verse goes like this E------------------------------------------------------------ A----6>------------------------------------------------------ D----------------6->-------------8->----------------6->------ G------------------------------------------------------------ BRYAN [email protected]

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