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Salome Bass Tab From [email protected] or [email protected] Main Bass Line throughout Song A I--------------------3^--0-3-5-I E I-55--355-3555--------------I 3^ means bend the note up to the 4th fret, that sounds the best to me. Chorus A I-------------------3^-0-3-5--I-55-355-0-3-55-3-55--I E I-55-355-3555--------------I----------------------------3I A I--------------------3^-0-3-5-I------------------55-0-3-5-I E I55-3-55-3-555-------------I-33--3-33--3--------------I Then back to main bass line. This is basically the whole song except for the breakdown after the second chorus. The chords to that breakdown or interlude are F-C-F-G. I forget how it is played. If corrections are needed please fix them and enjoy.

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