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NUMB-U2 Bass Tab by Matthew Bishop ([email protected]) Just like almost every other U2 song, Mr. Clayton tunes his bass 1/2 step down to Eb, Ab, Db, Gb This song consists of three partsS 1. The "Verse" 2. The "Chorus" 3. The "Bridge" The "Verse"(Parts Where The Edge sings "Don't Move...") Repeat as necessary Gb 0000000000000000------------------0000000000000000-| Db ---------------------------------------------------| Ab ------------------3333333333333333-----------------| Eb ---------------------------------------------------| The "Chorus" (Parts Where Edge starts singing "Don't Project...") Repeat as necessary Gb --------------------------------------------------| Db2222222222222222------------------22222222222222222| Ab ------------------3333333333333333----------------| Eb---------------------------------------------------| The Bridge (Parts where Bono and Harmonium Go off) Just Play once Gb---------------------------------------------------| Db-0--0-0-000000000------------------0000000000000000| Ab-------------------3333333333333333----------------| Eb---------------------------------------------------| Gb---------------------------------------------------| Db------------------22222222222222222----------------| Ab3333333333333333-------------------333333333333333 | Eb---------------------------------------------------| Questions, Comments, Corrections shall be sent to [email protected] Matthew Bishop [email protected] "Imagine all the people living life in peace." --John Lennon

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