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MOFO (live) - U2 (BASS) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tabbed by Joseph Thomson a.k.a. \_-O M I C R O N-_/ Everybody seems to think the groovy synth bassline is done by Adam, but IT'S NOT!!!!# He does this, starting on the second verse, and during the ringing solo, but doesn't do it on the "mother, am I still your son"...part. Intro Does some slight improvisation before edge breaks in with Ringing Intro Tune bass down a semitome! Bass Riff G--------------------------------------------------------------------- D----------5-------------5---7---5----------5---------5--------------- A------7---------5---7--------------5---7------5---7------------------ E---5---------5------------------------------------------------------- the bass line for mofo is --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- -----------------4-----------6----------2-4-6-7- ----7-4-4-4-4----4-4-4-4---4-4-4-4----------- tab by ???? --------------------------------------------------------------- Here is BASS TAB for the U2 song MOFO (regular tuning) G------------------------ D------------------------ A-33000300030003355667--- E------------------------ Its just played over and over quite fast. Its a fun riff and sounds better played with a pick than fingers. Any way have fun! Tabbed by Mark Linwood Hint suggesstions or comments to (Rlinwood@pow

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