Last Night On Earth

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U2 "LAST NIGHT ON EARTH" -BASS TAB -------------------- Tune down 1/2 step: Eb Ab Db Gb 1. Main Bass Riff: |-----------------------------------| Intro is played |---------5---------------5------5--| with medium |-----5h7-------------5h7----5h7----| distortion |-----------0-0---0-----------------| then when bono sings Pre-chorus: "the more you take..." |----------------------------------------| |-5-------5---------7-5--------7-5-------| |---7-5-----7-5---5-----7-5-7------7-5-7-| |-------7-------7------------------------| Chorus: G D A Bm |-----------------| |-----------------| |-----5555--22----| |-3333----55------| G D E A |-----------------| |-----------------| |-----5555--------| |-3333----0055----| G D A Bm |-----------------| |-----------------| |-----5555--22----| |-3333----55------| A |----------------| |-5-7-5-7--------| That bit might be slightly |---------7-5-7--| wrong since i dont have the song |----------------| at the moment but if its wrong its close, just listen Outro: |----------| Listen for timing |-5--------| |---7-5----| |-------7--| Tabbed by Mark Linwood Hint suggesstions or comments to ([email protected])

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