In God's Country

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IN GOD'S COUNTRY (BASS TAB) --------------------------- Tabbed by: steve palmer- [email protected] verse: D Am g|-----------------------------------| d|---------------------2-------------| a|-5-5-3-5--3-5-3--0-0---0-----------| E|-----------------------------------| chorus: Em G D g|-----------------------------------| d|-----------------------------------| a|-7-7-7-7--10-10--5-5---------------| E|-----------------------------------| *correction* In gods country, the second chours is A-3--3--3--3--3-----/----------5--5--5/ E------------------5/--3--3--3--------/ (just a little correction, and I'll send the correct first chours in a while... until then just jive around E's ( 7 fret third string), G's (10 fret third string), and slip in a D (5 fret third string) and an A ( 12 fret third string) every now and then...

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