Bullet The Blue Sky

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U2 "Bullet The Blue Sky" - BASS TAB ----------------------------------- max solomitchev [email protected] Tune down 1/2 step: Eb Ab Db Gb (note, tuning is from live performance - not album) Main riff: (verse, chorus) Em D Em D |-------------------------|-----------------------------| |-------------------------|-----------------------------| |----7-7-7-5-7-----5-5----|-----7-7-7-5-7-----5-5-------| |-0-------------0---------|--0-------------0------------| (on the album, this is repeated for the whole song) Solo: (live only) *1st few bars of solo are the main riff, then bass switches to this: Em D A |-------------------|-------------------|----------------------| |-------------------|-------------------|----------------------| |--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7--|--5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5--|--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-----| |-------------------|-------------------|----------------------| A* |-------------------| |-7-5---------------| |------7-5----------| |-----------7-5-----| *This last 'A' changes everytime, and it's hard to tell what he's playing, Adam seems to just jam on these frets: |-(5)-(7)-(9)---------| |-(5)-(7)-------------| |-(5)-(7)-------------| |-(5)-(7)-------------| Bullet The Blue Sky(Popmart version) Music by:U2 Transcribed by:Mike H. Help by:Adam Clayton & PHASER THIS IS AN AWESOME VERSION OF THIS SONG THAT ADAM DOES FORM THE COMMERCIAL U2 VIDEO OF POPMART LIVE FROM MEXICO CITY! THIS SONG TURNS INTO A MORE FUNKY GRUNGE BASS GROOVE THAT KEEPS UP WITH THE EDGE'S GUITAR. {Info for 1st main riff} This is played in the beginning right after Larry does his intro play w/ The Edge screaming his slide effect to a boom! And during most of the chorus, when Bono sings, "Bullet The Blue Sky___ bullet the blue___." You have to either refer to the video to get the right feeling for the song or else you can not get the timing right. This repeats over and over until it changes to the 2nd riff. Symbols * -Play the indicated note and mute quickly h -Play the indicated note and hold briefly ^ -Play the indicated note and release quickly [First Main Riff] G|---------------------------------------- D|---------------------------------------- A|-------5-7-5-7h-5-5-------5-7-5-7h-5-5-- E|--0-5---------------0-5----------------- {Info for 2nd main riff} This is played during the verses of the song when Bono sings, "In the howling wind, comes the stinging rain..." This happens to be Adam favorite riff becuase if you listen to the video, you can here Adam using alot of thump bass tech. and timing! This also has its repeat. [Second Main Riff] G|---------------------------------------- D|---------------------------------------- A|------------5^-7-5h------------5^-7-5h-- E|--0*-0*-5^-----------0*-0*-5^----------- ~~LONG LIVE ADAM Clayton~~ For any question or comments please contact me at my e-mail address

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