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Where The Show Has No Name

Where The Show Has No Name (Logo)

Back in March 2001, college student Karan Wadhera, a U2 “fanatic” and finance major at Boston’s Babson College, teamed up with Webmaster Jonathan Wayne of U2Station.com to launch a radio show dedicated to U2. When the radio show was established, U2 not only had a brand new album out on the shelves, but were about to embark on their Elevation tour.

This local college radio show focused on U2’s music, from classic hits, to live songs, unreleased tracks, remixes, covers, and solo projects by the band members of U2. After its initial broadcast, Where The Show Has No Name gained recognition from U2 fans from all across the country who tuned in for the latest U2 news (and news from the Elevation tour). This magical period climaxed when Carter Alan, the Boston DJ responsible for introducing U2 into the United States, came onto the show for one night as a special guest. One month later, 9/11 occurred.

On October 31, 2001, Mr. Wadhera with camera in hand was invited on stage by Bono and the Edge during an Elevation concert in Providence, RI. Unfortunately however, none of the pictures came out, because the radio show host ran out of film. Luckily, someone in the audience snapped pictures of the whole incident. Soon thereafter, the show quickly burned out after Karan experienced a serious injury related to a car accident. His best friend and co-host, Brian Bradley, suffered nearly paralyzing injuries.

In the one year (and 25 shows) that “Where The Show Has No Name” was broadcasting, it was indeed an unforgettable era in the history of U2Station.com. During the radio show’s run, The U2 Station was even nominated by VH1/MTV for the “Coolest Fan Website” award (in November 2001). Jonathan personally tried to invite Karan to come along with him to Los Angeles for the My VH1 Music Awards at the Shrine Auditorium. Due to personal reasons though, Karan and Brian were unable to attend, but Jonathan took a plane to LA and had the guys in mind.

Below you can read episode titles and view archived pictures from the show’s run.

Radio Show Episodes:

  • 11.26.01 WTSHNN: (Spontaneous Show)
  • 11.12.01 WTSHNN: (Great New Songs & War)
  • 11.05.01 WTSHNN: (Getting On Stage Show)
  • 10.22.01 WTSHNN: (Zooropa Concert From London)
  • 10.15.01 WTSHNN: (Opening Up The 3rd Leg)
  • 10.01.01 WTSHNN: (A Look At October)
  • 09.24.01 WTSHNN: (Third Leg & New Jersey)
  • 09.17.01 WTSHNN: (Remembrance & Boy)
  • 09.10.01 WTSHNN: (The Best of U2’s Live Shows)
  • 09.03.01 WTSHNN: (Back To Work Show)
  • 08.13.01 WTSHNN: (Carter Alan Show)
  • 07.30.01 WTSHNN: (Vinyl Wars - Rarities & Remixes)
  • 07.23.01 WTSHNN: (Revisited)
  • 07.02.01 WTSHNN: (A Celebration)
  • 06.18.01 WTSHNN: (Salome & Bono Show)
  • 05.28.01 WTSHNN: (Melon & Unforgettable Fire Show)
  • 05.21.01 WTSHNN: (60 Minute Requests Show)
  • 05.14.01 WTSHNN: (Tempe Joshua Tree Show)
  • 05.07.01 WTSHNN: (Tacoma Elevation Show)
  • 04.23.01 WTSHNN: (Elevation & Joshua Tree Show)
  • 04.16.01 WTSHNN: (Popmart & B-sides Show)
  • 04.09.01 WTSHNN: (Unforgettable Fire Tour Show)
  • 04.02.01 WTSHNN: (ZooTV Show)
  • 03.26.01 WTSHNN: (ATYCLB Show)
  • 03.12.01 WTSHNN: (Inaugural Show)

Pictures from inside the studio:

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