Mark's Lyrical Photographs

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About this U2 Fan:

"As a photographer with an interest in U2, I have presented with 9 pictures that illustrate the song titles/lyrics of U2 in some way. I became a fan of U2 when I met my girlfriend in 2002. She played their music a lot and it made me realise how many of their songs I actually knew and liked - but hadn't realised it was them. I have since heard more and more, liking most of it and really appreciating the lyrics. I've also seen concert footage and they really know how to put on a good show. Neither of us have seen them live as yet, but hopefully one day. So, that's how my relationship with U2, (and of course, my girlfriend!), began.

As a photographer, specialising in natural and scenic pictures in the UK, it wasn't long before I started to realise I had pictures which would in a way illustrate their song titles or lyrics, and even an album name. The picture for 'Under a Blood Red Sky' is actually the one that sparked off the idea for this feature - I just thought what a strong image that would be to go with those words. Then I got to work thinking of other pictures and came up with what you see here."

-- Mark Green

Under A Blood Red Sky

"Under A Blood Red Sky"

Staring at the Sun

"Staring at the Sun"

Shadows and Tall Trees

"Shadows and Tall Trees"

United Colours

"United Colours"

Beautiful Day

"Beautiful Day"
("See the world in green and blue")

Silver and Gold

"Silver and Gold"

New Year's Day

"New Year's Day"
("A world in white")


("Here comes the Sunset")

Where The Streets Have No Name

"Where The Streets Have No Name"

A Celebration

"A Celebration"

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Excellent pictures there Mark!! Very beautiful! ; )

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