November 14, 2005 - Miami, Florida, USA - American Airlines Arena


Opening Act(s): Institute


City Of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, Elevation, I Will Follow, The Electric Co., I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Beautiful Day-Blackbird, Original Of The Species, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, Love And Peace Or Else, Sunday Bloody Sunday-Rock The Casbah, Bullet The Blue Sky, Miss Sarajevo, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Where The Streets Have No Name, One-Ol' Man River. Encore(s): Until The End Of The World, The Fly, With Or Without You, All Because Of You, Walk On, Bad.


Bono and The Edge shoot a playful video with fans outside the arena in the afternoon, which includes Bono interviewing fans about The Edge. As the show starts, Bono takes the stage with a handicam and focuses on The Edge for the first half of 'Blinding Lights.' Terry Lawless is on stage for Original Of The Species, U2's new U.S. single. It replaces Miracle Drug, which isn't played for the first time this year. The arena sings most of the songs louder than Bono, and security struggle for much of the show to control the crush outside the ellipse.


Hi to all.

Is there any possibility to find that show somewhere, free to listen ?!

Thanks for replies.

I arrived at the arena at excactly 3:13 AM to get a place in the General Admission line. Turned out I was #11, this meant that either I was going to be front row inside of the ellipse or at least the front row outside of the ellipse.

I hadn't been this excited about anything in a very long time, I was more than willing to spend 15 hours outside for this, my first U2 show!

I didn't know what to really except, but the first thing I noticed is how every U2 fan is great. We had just met these people and after 15 minutes it was like we were all family or the best of friends for years.
We met hundreds of people before the show, had our share of laughs, music listening and many beers but at 6:30 pm finally the General Admission lines opened!
Unfortunatly (or so I though) neither my friend Juan or myself got into the Ellipse, so instead we ran into the front of the outer ellipse a little to the right side.

Anticipation was at an all time high, I had never seen so much excitement inside the America Airlines Arena, not even in NBA Semifinal games for the Miami Heat, this was crazy.
Institue was the openning band and they were better than I though they'd be, Their best song was "Breathe In-Breathe Out" which got the audience excited. They played for about 45 minutes and now, it was time for the real deal.

I started bitting my nails with anticipation, this was too much for me too handle, my first U2 show, my dream coming to life in a couple minutes.

At around 9:00 pm the light went off, and all of a sudden we see some familiar shadows creep into the stage and the openning for City of Blinding Lights begins. Beautifull colours are everywere and Bono comes out of the back side of the Ellipse with a camcorder recording everything. I had always liked this song but this was too much. Every person in the Arena couldn't stop screaming and it was incredible.
Vertigo followed, then Elevation and then one of the highlight sof the night for me "I will follow". What a great song!!

Basically the whole show was too amazing too describe but the ovation that the crowd gave U2 at times was so loud it made Bono say: "no wonder they call this place the American Airlines Arena, it sounds like a fuc*ing 747!!".

During Love and Peace or Else I got a drumstick from Larry and that also made my night along with the fact that the band played an acoustic beautifull version of my favourite song "Walk On".

In short I can't begin to describe this experience WOW!


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