May 12, 2005 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - United Center


Opening Act(s): Kings of Leon


Vertigo, All Because Of You, Elevation, Gloria, The Ocean, Beautiful Day, Miracle Drug, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, Love And Peace Or Else, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bullet The Blue Sky-When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Running To Stand Still, City Of Blinding Lights, Original Of The Species, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Where The Streets Have No Name, One. Encore(s): Until The End Of The World, The Fly, Mysterious Ways, With Or Without You-Strangers In The Night, Yahweh, Bad-Norwegian Wood-Sexual Healing-40.


For the last of four nights in Chicago, and with the film cameras off, U2 throws its setlist into the blender. 'Vertigo' opens a show for the first time. 'All Because Of You' and 'Original Of The Species' are played in the main set for the 1st time. 'Until The End Of The World' makes its Vertigo Tour debut. The show closes with 'Bad', which gets extended with several snippets, finally wrapping up with a bit of '40', the traditional show closer this tour.

Fan Review:

By Collin Souter

I was at Target today buying a beaded curtain when I suddenly had the urge to make a $49.50 donation to the Human Fund. I made my way to the United Center hoping my donation would land me a ticket anywhere in the joint. Sure enough, it did. It pays to give.

And, oh, how the boys gave back! With the camera crews out of the way, the nervousness gone (or whatever they felt on Saturday), U2 just ripped into a set list that will silence the naysayers (myself included) and cease all expectations for those who have yet to see a show. You think you know what you'll get when you walk into a Vertigo show? Think again.

Having seen all three opening numbers, I can honestly say that Vertigo works best as an opening song. Yeah, sure, we predicted that would be the opener months ago and, yeah, it's too bleedin' obvious. But of the three, nothing got the crowd going more. U2 comes in and tares up the place right away. Love and Peace belongs in the middle of the show with Sunday and Bullet. City of Blinding Lights looks pretty, but it's too much too soon. Vertigo works best, in spite of itself.

Having heard The Ocean for the first time on this tour, many are right in saying that it's a buzzkill for the crowd. It's a die-hards only number. There was an awkward moment tonight during this song when Bono decided to talk about the first time U2 came to Chicago. He couldn't remember the name of the club and kept asking people in the front the name of it (Park West).

My first Gloria. I maintain (as I have for years) that October is Larry's best album. Glad to hear a cut played live.

City of Blinding Lights got the Streets treatment tonight coming in after Running. It works, but there were problems with the video playback tonight, both with the Human Rights declaration and the text message One Campaign scroll. The first came in too late, the latter too early and made things a little disjointed.

Oh, and Bono may want to be careful when he's pointing to the "Jesus...Jew...Mohammad..." on his bandana and NOT do it with his middle finger. Just sayin'is all.

Until the End definitely gets a better crowd reaction than Zoo Station, although I'll miss the Zoo if they drop it (especially if they drop the distorted image of Charlie Chaplin's Hitler parody from the video screens...anybody know if that showed up tonight? I was in section 331 and couldn't see it).

Original of the Species seems to be a keeper, as well it should be. Throwing it in the middle of the set somehow validates that (although using it to replace Yahweh is also a splendid, splendid idea that I like very, very much).

Finally, they closed the show with Bad. Bad, people. BAD!!! Can I just say what an intense, emotionally satisfying experience that was!?! That song has taken on a whole new meaning for me these past few months and hearing it close the show made the drive from the suburbs to the United Center...

the risk of getting turned away and shut out without a ticket...

the over-exposure of the band since this album's release...

the ridiculous iPod ad...

the silly clothing line...

the lackluster Saturday performance...


that embarrassing "baby's head" lyric...

the rhyming of "voice," "choice" and (ahem!) "tortoise"...

the horrible album cover...

and Bono's supposed duet with J-Lo...WORTH IT!!!

Well, okay, maybe not the last one, but their performance of Bad tonight pretty much wiped the slate clean for me. U2's music is no longer tainted for this fan. They're back to being MY band.


I was at this show last night and what a show it was! Absolutely unbelievable. I think that was the first time all tour U2 opened with something (Vertigo) other than City of Blinding Light or Love and Peace or Else. They also played Until the End of the World and With or Without for the first time all tour that I've seen anyway. The opening was absoultely amazing. Vertigo straight to All Because of You, which they've been playing strickly in the 2nd encore, then Elevation and Gloria. Forget Barnum and Bailey's...U2 are, and were last night, the greatest show on earth! Can't wait to see them back here in Chicago in September!

Amazing setlist. Each show is different, amazingly so. They don't have to but they DO! Bono said during the POPMART tour during Mexico City, "If it keeps us(the band) interested, then its not going to be bulls**t for you!"

If they listened to critics like this guy Colin, U2 would have quit a long time ago. People should sit back and enjoy what U2 is doing because no one else is like them.

Colin! If you please:

1. "Over exposure of the Band"- If you had something new wouldn't you want people to know? and a ride through NY and a free concert for thousands....FUN! not over exposed.

2. "IPOD"- Didn't take any money for it! Had fun doing it. Great to be at it again. Comendable in the least.

3. "Silly Clothing line"- Gives poor countries a chance to grow, gives people jobs who have no other chance, helps build education and community....ummm...its about time sombody thought of a way to help others instead of just tossing money into nowhere!

4. "lack-luster performance"- YOU try and perform perfectly every other night 130 times over then...then...say your peace.

5. "Yahweh"- If you don't care for god, your choice, and if there is no god then U2 is guilty of shooting for what is good and uplifting. But if there is a god...and things do can complain to god when you see him.

6. "baby's head lyric"- one question. Have you ever had a child, or held a baby in your arms and smelled their head? get back to me on that one after you have.

7. "rhyming of voice, choice, and tortoise"- Actually quite clever, don't you think? And if your so distraught, talk to Bono and ask what he meant, because he probably had a different train of thought than you.

8. "The horrible album cover"- Why?

If and of you out there have your feathers ruffled because U2 doesn't do things your way, or fit into the box you live in, try stepping out of your self-indulgent box and see the world in a new way. Don't be caught "Staring at the sun...happy to go blind".

Bad was certainly a highlight, loved the lights during vertigo, Bono's Chicago reflection and The Edge. Kings of Leon seemed a little out of their depth but they do have potential. A bit too raw for the arena setting though.

Good for you....driving there from the burbs with no tix in hand and landing a seat....Geez I called ticketmaster at 10:00 am. that day secured 2 seats (see I'd never go alone-not too brave.)and by the time I inputed all the creditcard junk I lost the seats.....then at 4:00 (just to cause myself more unrest) I called ticketmaster again, spoke with a "real person"-a very nice girl and was offered a ga for regular price(like 49.00),instead of online through all the many sites which were asking 1,000.00 and more. But did I take the tix,,,,,,,NO..I didnt want to go alone and it was too late to find someone that was as compelled as I. Bad is my favorite song and I missed it. To hear Bono sing Marvin Gaye is but a wish to me that should of ceased the moment and driven in....Saw them opening nite and Tues. two great shows....So I too feel something is missing after all this...what it is, Im not sure either...U2 fans are the best

First off I want to say what a great city Chicago is! First time in the city--won't be the last. Great people, food, and of course the entertaiment was fabulous. This was the second time I've had the opportunity to see U2. Saw the Saturday show. Was just a teensy disappointed-just that Bono seemed like he had a cold or was tired..hard to say. It was great seeing Adam so "involved" with the crowd...usually it's just either Edge or Bono....the ending was almost an emotional experience; that many in the crowd singing "How Long....etc" LOVED that. My only complaint? The opening act of couse (the Kings of Leon guy is eye candy only! ) ;)
PS I recently purchased the new book out (Bono's autobiography) It's a good purchase....i enjoyed reading his history of the band, and of course the bit about his father.. but a little too much babble on Bono's part regarding his political views. Love what he has to say about the Almighty though.
God bless!

Christine from Canada

"When you judge someone, you make no room to love them." ..... M. Theresa.

Thanks for the delicious crumbs Mr. Hewson.

Love and Piece.

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