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Zooropa Music by U2 Lyrics by Bono Transcribed by Brandon Leniart Tune down 1/2 step. The beginning piano chords are Gm and Em. You can play the power chords in the major and minors if you want, but I like to play major/minor chords when the song speeds up to make it sound more interesting--I hope my tabs are readable. For the most part it's in E major. Intro (with wah, phaser, and delay): 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-----------------------12--12--12--12--12---------------------------------- 3---9--9--9--9--9-----------------------------9--9--9--9--9----------------- 4-------------------------------------------------------------9--9--9--9--9- 5--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6--------------------------------------------------------------------------- (jam with these chords): D A 1--------------- 2---15------10-- 3---14------9--- 4---12------7--- 5--------------- 6--------------- E D E 1------------------------------ 2------------------------------ 3---9--9--9--9---7/9--9--9--9-- 4---9--9--9--9---7/9--9--9--9-- 5---7--7--7--7---5/7--7--7--7-- 6------------------------------ Zooropa, Vorsprung durch Technik...Zooropa, be all that you can be F# D F# D 1--------------------------------------------- 2--------------------------------------------- 3---11-----------7------------11-----------7-- 4---11-----------7------------11-----------7-- 5---9------------5------------9------------5-- 6--------------------------------------------- Be a winner, eat to get slimmer Zooropa, a bluer kind of white...Zooropa, it could be yours tonight We're mild and green, and squeaky clean A D 1---------------- 2---10--------7-- 3---9---------7-- 4---7---------7-- 5---------------- 6---------------- Oh, oh Zooropa, better by design...Zooropa, fly the friendly skies Through appliance of science, we've got that ring of confidence (increase speed of delay): E Esus4 E D 1------------------------------------------------------------- 2---9--9--9--9----10--10--10--10----9--9--9--9----7--7--7--7-- 3---9--9--9--9----9----9---9---9----9--9--9--9----7--7--7--7-- 4---9--9--9--9----9----9---9---9----9--9--9--9----7--7--7--7-- 5---7--7--7--7----7----7---7---7----7--7--7--7----5--5--5--5-- 6------------------------------------------------------------- And I have no compass, and I have no map F#m 1---2--- 2---2--- 3---2--- 4---4--- 5---4--- 6---2--- And I have no reasons, no reasons to get back And I have no religion, and I don't know what's what And I don't know the limit, the limit of what we got E D 1------------ 2---9-----7-- 3---9-----7-- 4---9-----7-- 5---7-----5-- 6------------ Don't worry baby, it'll be alright You've got the right shoes to get you through the night It's cold outside, but brightly lit F#m Skip the subway, let's go to the overground E F#m E Take your head out of the mud, baby, put flowers in the mud, baby, overground No particular place names, no particular song I've been hiding...what am I hiding from? Don't worry baby, it'll be alright Uncertainy can be a guiding light I hear voices, rediculous voices, in the slipstream F#m E Let's go, let's go overground, take your head out of the mud baby F#m She's going to dream up the world she wants to live in E She's gonna dream out loud, dream out loud 1---------12-- 2---12-------- 3------------- 4------------- 5------------- 6------------- ZOOROPA tabbed by: Sergio Lucero, [email protected] capo on 1st Riff1: E ----------5-5-------------- Riff2: E --2---3---2---0------------ B --3-3-3-3------3-3-3-3----- B --3---3---3---3------------ G -----------------------2-2- G --2---2---2---0------------ D --------------------------- D --------------------------- A --------------------------- A --------------------------- E --------------------------- E --------------------------- D D4 D D9 Intro: Riff1 Am-C-Am-C D Zooropa... Vorsprung durch Technik Zooropa... be all that you can be Em C Em C Be a winner, eat to get slimmer Zooropa... a bluer kind of white Zooropa... it could be yours tonight We're mild and green, and squeaky clean (play intro chords again) Zooropa... better by design Zooropa... fly the friendly skies Through appliance of science We've got that ring of confidence.... Break: Play riff1. Silence. Play Riff 2 LOUD! D D4 D D9 <----- This line is what And I have no compass I call D(riff2) D D4 D D9 And I have no map Em C And I have no reasons D D4 D D9 No reasons to get back And I have no religion And I don't know what's what And I don't know the limit The limit of what we got D(riff2) Zooropa... don't worry baby. It'll be alright D(riff2) Zooropa... you got the right shoes Zooropa... to get you through the night D(riff2) Zooropa... it's cold outside, but brightly lit D(riff2) Zooropa... skip the subway Em Zooropa... let's go to the overground C D(riff2) Get your head out of the mud baby Em C D(riff2) Put flowers in the mud baby Overground No particular place names No particular song I've been hiding What am I hiding from? Zooropa... don't worry baby. It's gonna be alright Zooropa... uncertainty... can be a guiding light Zooropa... I hear voices, ridiculous voices Zooropa... in the slipstream Zooropa... let's go, let's go... overground Zooropa... take your head out of the mud baby Em C (She's gonna dream up the world she wants to live in D(riff2) She's gonna dream out loud) Chord formations ---------------- D xx0232 C x32010 D4 xx0233 Am x02210 D9 xx0030 Em 022000 Zooropa by U2(additions) Transcribed by Richard Zangoli. Well I just got myself a wah-wah and got very excited when I played this song. I don't know exactly what effect Edge uses but you can get close to it if you use a delay pedal(I set mine at around 400ms) and constantly keep peddling a wah-wah. I used the transcription on the Net for some guidance these are some additional suggestions. Note that the tab here (as in the previous transcription) is half a step (one note) lower than the CD version. It makes playing open chords for the second half of the song possible and thus simplifies things a little. Intro Riff- E----------------------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------10-10-10-10--------------------------------- play G------x-x-7-7-7-7------------------------x-x-7-7-7-7---------------- this a D---------------------------------------------------------------7-7-7-7-couple of It then goes to (something like)- times E------------------------ E------------------------------ B---13--12---10h12p10--10--8h10-10 x2 B--8--7---5h7p5--5---3h-5--5- X2 G------------------------------- G----------------------------- D------------------------------- D---------------------------- You might want to play around with this ^ a bit until you get something that you think might be closer to the CD or sound better. But I think that the above is reasonably close. The chords given in the previous transcription for the intro verses (ie D D Em C Em C) sound right but you might want to play the bar chords at the 5th, 7th and 8th frets as they seems to sound closer to the CD. Play the chords a couple of times each but make sure to let the delay do most of the work. The chords for the second half of the song (D D4 D D9, Em C) also sound good but on the CD there is also a guitar that goes something like- E------------10-------- B---s/10-----------10-- G----------------------- D----------------------- This sounds good if it is played after the D9 chord. Have a listen to the CD to hear it. But if you are using a wah-wah it sound better if you don't peddle it when playing the riff. So there you go. Have fun. Richard Zangoli (a.k.a. Custardo) ([email protected])

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