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The Edge has spoken of how his great friendship with fellow bandmates has contributed to the longevity of U2.

The U2 guitarist credits their three decades of music success to the comradeship that has bonded them together.

In an intimate interview with RTE presenter John Kelly, to be broadcast next week, the Edge reveals how it's the music that keeps him sane.

"There's something about performing our songs in front of a large crowd which works and it's to do with the fact, I think, that a lot of those people at those shows are there to celebrate not just their favourite band, or a favourite band of theirs, but part of their history," he said.

The guitarist, known for giving U2 its distinctive sound, has stepped out from the shadow of front man Bono to speak about the legendary band.


He thinks their foundations of friendship are what have made them so stable compared to other rock groups.

"Maybe it's because we were friends before we were a band," he said.

"So in a sense the friendships were solid, so when it came to those moments of conflicts or difficulty, we kind of were able to skirt around the big conflicts and diffuse the situation and so we're operating in pretty much the same way now as we always did," he added.

As friendships go, it's been very successful for all the four members of the group: Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen and the Edge, who have sold a total of 170 million albums worldwide.

Little did they expect when they formed in 1976 that they would make their fortune through their solid punk sound, catchy lyrics and Bono's belting voice.

The Edge is very aware that fame and success come with a lot of responsibility. He takes this burden very seriously.

"I think it's something that you always are aware of and it's something that I would remind myself of often," he said.

The man, who grew up in Malahide and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with U2 in 2005, knows that he has been fortunate with the way his life has panned out.

"Here we are and with our friends. We are some of the luckiest people that have ever lived and once you bear that in mind, then first of all, I think you've a responsibility to enjoy your life.


"I also think you've a responsibility to take advantage of your situation, to make things better and to spread it out a bit."

The Edge has taken a quieter role in charity work compared to bandmate Bono but he has been actively involved with Greenpeace, Live 8 and Make Poverty History.

The full interview with the Edge will be broadcast on Monday night at 11.30pm on RTE1 television.

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