My Misadventures in Ireland; What's The Point?

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My Misadventures in Ireland, What's The Point?

By Brenda Clemons, Staff Writer

It would be several years before I returned to Ireland. During that time alot changed for me. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (a form of cancer closely related to leukemia). I endured eight months of intensive chemo therapy. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer almost a year to the day after I received my diagnosis. I survived but my father did not. He passed away only a month after I finished chemo therapy.

But, it wasn't all bad. I couldn't work during chemo and in order to keep myself from going insane I did volunteer work for a social justice organization in Washington , DC. On the days that I was able to get out of bed; I rode the train in to DC and did typing, filing, organization, helped with press conferences, and attended Congressional hearings.

It was through the volunteer work that I finally met Bono. Imagine that! I ran all over Ireland trying to meet this guy; when all I had to do was be myself. I have never mentioned to him the night I spent outside of his house but I bet he would laugh. At my volunteer job I must behave and pretend that I am not much of a U2 fan, because to do otherwise might very well cause me to lose the privilege of being able to work with him. Don't get me wrong; it's not that Bono doesn't want fans working with him, but it would not go over well if I went running into Senate chambers screaming, "Oh My God! Bono!".

My second trip to Ireland was not a U2 hunt. This trip was for me to unwind, release negative energy, and revive my spirit. Of course, I did stop in at Dockers, only to find that "Paddy" had sold the pub to someone else. Things had already begun to change down at the docks. New, modern buildings were going up and it no longer felt so unsafe to be down there.

I splurged on myself and spent a night at the Clarence. It was a Saturday night and people were coming and going; so I wasn't paying much attention until I heard someone say, "Hey, Googie." I turned around to find Bono's friend Googie standing right behind me. I introduced myself and said that I liked his paintings (which were on display all over the Clarence). Googie announced that this called for, "group hugs all around," and so we hugged.

In another part of the hotel, my friend Christa sat smoking a cigar. Gavin Friday spotted her and approached her. "Excuse me, but are you smoking a cigar?", he asked. Christa grew up in Hollywood so celebrities do not impress her in the least. Christa replied, "Yeah, so what?". Gavin said, "It's just that I have never seen a woman smoke a cigar, before." Christa just shrugged her shoulders and said, "I'm on vacation."

And so it was that we were invited to hang out with Googie and Gavin (I must say that the photos I have seen of Gavin do not do him justice. This guy is gorgeous.) Of course, lots of alcholic drinks were consumed by everyone and I soon lost count of the glasses of vodka that came my way. Things got really fuzzy really quick. I do remember that Christa pointed out to me that everyone laughed at my stupid jokes. Gavin and I talked about spirituality.

I know some of you have asked what the point is to my stories. Some of you have even been outraged by my misadventures. The point is this: you never know what tomorrow may bring. Things can be going along just fine and then one day you wake up with cancer; or something else happens and your life is over. You can't put off until tomorrow the things that you really want to do because tomorrow might not come. Yeah, you have probably heard this before, but it's true. I know because I have lived it.

So make each day an adventure! Sure, some adventures might be complete screw ups like having to spend the night drunk sitting outside of someone's house. But, it is out of these misadventures that you become a more complete person. Out of these misadventures comes many golden moments and you just might wake up one day to find yourself sitting right next to Bono during a Senate hearing.

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I realize that this is 3 years later, but I hope you will still be able to read this comment.
I have only read 2 of your 'adventures' so far, but I have immensely enjoyed each moment of the reading, and shall look for some more. I think they are wonderful, thanks for sharing them.
If you see this, please contact me, and I will send you 2 prints that are very dear to my heart.
I pray you are doing well, god bless you ☺

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