Bono Making Headway With U.S. Lawmakers For Debt Relief

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10.4.00 -

(10/4/00, 10 a.m. ET) - Bono has backed up his words with his presence in Washington, D.C., in his attempt to let the world's poorest countries off the hook for money owed to the United States. President Clinton made a plea to congress on Monday (October 2) to approve $435 million in debt relief, and the U2 singer was in attendance, as were various religious and social leaders.

So far, the House Of Representatives has agreed to allot $225 million for debt relief, while the Senate approved $75 million in relief. Bono, a spokesperson for the debt-relief organization Jubilee 2000, says it's encouraging that Clinton is getting the message. "The President, we've met with him and spoken to him about this. He's very informed about it," notes Bono. "It's very exciting because it's a tangible goal, and for our audience and our constituency it's like, 'Wow. Before the end of the year we can actually change the world.'"

Clinton attempted to show Congress the widespread support for the bill as he said, "It shows you the depth and breadth of commitment of Congressional, religious, and civic leaders to convince Congress to appropriate the entire $435 million that we pledged in debt relief."

The House Of Representatives and the Senate are currently getting their budget proposals in order for the next year, and they're considering the role debt relief will play in their respective budgets.

-- Darren Davis, New York

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