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U2 star gets place in history

Suzanne Kerins, The Mirror

We all all know Bono is a bit of a legend -- but now the Bard of Ballymun is set to go down in history. Literally.

The 41-year-old U2 frontman is being graced with his own entry in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Kristine A. Strom, Senior Media Editor with Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., has contacted Irish website trying to get information on Bono and his career.

Bono -- whose real name is Paul Hewson -- will no doubt be listed for his musical achievements with U2 as well as his campaigning work against the spread of AIDS and Third World Debt.

The singer will take his place among the great and the good of Ireland past and present, as well as some of the country's most famous brands and events.

He will join the likes of W.B. Yeats and his painter brother Jack, former Presidents Mary Robinson and Jack Lynch, poet Oscar Wilde, novelist James Joyce, Guinness and St. Patrick.

Ray Senior of said he was only to delighted to help the encyclopaedia with their research on Bono.

He told me: "I don't know if people understand what a massive achievement it is to be listed in this famous 32-volume Encyclopaedia.

"I remember referencing it numerous times when I was in University -- to think that our photos of Bono will be published in Britannica for countless generations is mind blowing."

Earlier this week Bono pledged to end ALL Third World poverty before he dies.

The U2 frontman promised to dedicate himself to saving the lives of children in famine and AIDS-stricken countries.

As he launched his fundraising drive in the U.S., the campaigning Dubliner said: "I'm going to spend the rest of my life on this, I'm going to make that kind of extreme poverty history."

Father-of-four Bono, who has been nominated for this year's Nobel Peace Prize, is among a host of celebrities featured in a new ad campaign for ONE, which is waging "war" on poverty and AIDS in Africa.

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Does anyone know where the name "U2"comes from?

I think it's a name of a russian or USA spy plane

i love bono, and love his song because all the songs are based on love

Not every song is based on love, but I agree with you, his songs are very beautiful. How can we know exactly where the name U2 comes from ??

Great article and good on 'im! Good to hear he's been nominated too, for the Nobel. He's very deserving for sure. If Bono doesn't get the Nobel this year then hopefully, sometime in the future!

yah how do i get a hold of Suzan Hunter # principle management Office Dublin # I had it once when I travelled with Popmart tour

I think the name U2 comes from the U.S.A.F. a spy plane i think called U2, they took there name from that, but befor they were U2 they were known as Feedback, and did anyone know the The Edge's brother was in the band as a guitarist?

They also had the name The Hype but I forget in which order the names came. Edge's brother was also in the band but then he left to play with the Virgin Prunes.

Hi- I'm a new member! Old fan. Yes u2 is a spy plane.

U2 is the best rock band in the world, they do lots of good actions for improving this age so Bono is really great! the Edge is really great ! Larry is really great! Adam is really great! what more can I say, they are very cool and polite,

I don't think bono should have all the cred for U2. I mean everything is about Bono doing this and that, but he wouldn't be able o hold things up without the other members in the band. But i surrely love Bono anyway!

The name U2 comes from a slogan the band used in the late 70's which was "U2 CAN HAVE A VOICE" but was later shortened to "U2" as it gave more of an in pact in posters as just the two letters!

does anyone know the name of U2's airplane?

2 isnt a letter... its a number : D sorry just had to say that lol, not being clever though! : )

U2 is the Irish Unemployment cheque form

will it would be helpful if we can ask one of the band members that question

i believe that one of them said that the name u2 is not that much of a name , but u know what i think it is nice ... though

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