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U2 singer enlists Diddy and Timberlake for his fight against AIDS and poverty

In the latest and most public phase of Bono's ongoing battle against global AIDS and extreme poverty, the U2 singer has assembled an army of A-list celebrities -- from Justin Timberlake to Tom Hanks -- to encourage Americans to lobby their government for more funding.

"We're not asking for their money, we're asking for their voices," Bono said at an April press conference for the One Campaign, which aims to persuade the U.S. government to spend an additional one percent of its budget to assist Africa and other struggling regions. "This isn't a cause -- it's an emergency."

The One Campaign kicked into high gear on April 10th with the debut of a TV public-service announcement starring Timberlake, Hanks, Brad Pitt, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and George Clooney.

"A lot of what I know about these problems is really because of the involvement of people like Bono," says Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley, who will appear in a future PSA. "We're trying to make people aware of these issues."

The PSA urges viewers to visit the campaign's Web site,, and electronically sign a declaration endorsing the additional aid, which would amount to about $25 billion a year. Fans who attend shows on U2's Vertigo Tour can also sign up by texting their name to a special number via cell phone -- those names will appear on U2's video screens during each night's performance of "One."

"If you ask Bush's advisers, they say Americans don't care about these issues," says Jamie Drummond, executive director of Bono's lobbying group DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa), which helped assemble the One Campaign. "We need people to raise their voices and say they care. The celebrities are the fire alarm; the people joining up for the campaign are the fire brigade."

Campaign organizers say 2005 marks a historic opportunity, because three international conferences scheduled for this year -- the G8 summit of leaders of the world's richest democratic countries in July, the U.N. Millennium +5 Summit in September and the World Trade Organization meeting in December -- will all focus on Africa.

"We're going to make that kind of extreme poverty history," said Bono. "I'm going to spend the rest of my life on this."

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Bono: You are asking for our money. The money you want the US government to send to Africa is the money of over 280 million Americans. It's not the governments money it's our money.

Personally I would vote YES to send more money to Africa. Just don't tell us all you want is our voice not money because that's not true.

New Orleans, LA

About this debt forgiveness thing, it's not about the USA or Canada (which also have their own national debts to contend with and are able to service the interest on them, for now), but the creditor to these nations, the International Monetary Fund. The World Bank creates a loan by creating money out of thin air with a book keeping entry, with well placed bribes to national leaders. When this impossible to re-pay loan is called in, a renegotiation for a restructuring of the loan in exchange for REAL assets like mining, agriculture, utilities takes place. The robbery is complete. Argentina is a good recent example of this. Nicholas Biddle hammered the US economy when Andrew Jackson refused to renew the national banking charter (and two assassination attempts on his life took place, subsequently). Jackson won as he disclosed the dealings of the bank to the public.

"Confessions of an Economic Hitman" is an insider's tale,

as well as another classic. "The Creature from Jekyll Island" describes international banking's grip on the USA and the world.

In a nutshell; the USA and all western nations have been under reorganization for loan defaults starting in 1933. Some proof? Check out this court case which admits that the Internal Revenue Service (a collection agency for the Federal Reserve) is not an agency of the US GOVERNMENT. (see item 4):

The Internal Revenue Service is not listed under Title 31 (Treasury) and no document, form or letter from this agency has any term "United States" listed therein. The "Department of the Treasury," is the treasury of the IMF.

Bono was talking to the right man when he was courting the US Secretary of the Treasury. He is the head puppet in charge of this group. I have just scratched the surface of the MATRIX.

Penna, USA

Yes, in the end it is our money. But I would rather money that I pay regardless, to the government in taxes, going to a cause like this one. Money spent to educate these countries would be well spent.

Sarah H
Anaheim, CA

Bono is "A True Soldier" in every sence of the word. Love, debianne

i would give Bono permission to take all my money to those people in africa because they deserve it and ive done nothing to deserve the little money i have i can live with out money as long as i have family and friends xxx

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