U2 Scores Most Profitable Tour

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7.14.01 - Launch

U2's Elevation tour has been the most profitable tour this season. It has grossed $69 million, and rolls through Europe the next two months. Mid-year touring statistics are featured in the latest edition of tour industry trade magazine, Pollstar. Other rockers in the top five include Elton John and Billy Joel and the Dave Matthews Band.

U2 guitarist the Edge told LAUNCH that the Elevation tour in support of its All That You Can't Leave Behind album is connecting with fans in a special way. "I'm having the best time as we all are. It's been such a thrill to play this album live and to, kind of, just see this it going off in the way that it's gone off," he said. "The shows have been inspirational for us and that our audience seem to be completely into it as well, and it's just great."

Pollstar also notes revenue for the touring industry is down. The money earned from the top 50 tours is down $61 million from the amount earned by the top 50 acts at this time last year. Ticket prices have generally gone up, but some acts, such as 3 Doors Down ($21.82) and Lynyrd Skynyrd ($21.90), have attempted to keep ticket prices affordable. Those two bands had the cheapest tickets of the top 50 tours.

-- Darren Davis, New York and Gary Graff, Detroit

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