Bono Presents Film at the Sarajevo Film Festival

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8.26.00 -

Bono arrived in Sarajevo for the 6th Annual Sarajevo Film Festival. As stated on the SFF website, "at 5pm he presented The Tigger Movie to 2,800 children, and later The Million Dollar Hotel by Wim Wenders at the Open Air Cinema to 2,600 spectators."

Furthermore, Bono was awarded a Bosnian passport by Alija Izetbegovic, the chairman of the country's collective presidency.

In 1997, U2 played at Kosovo Stadium in Sarajevo during their Popmart tour. The band has had a longstanding relationship with the country's people when they performed there in a special concert with Luciano Pavarotti and others. In 1993, on their ZooTV tour, U2 created a satellite linkup with the war-torn city, giving the people a chance to see what was taking place on the rest of the planet.

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